A well-rounded fitness regime should be the goal of any program. Variety is the key to developing many skills as doing the same regime all the time will soon become a task. It is a better idea to include different types of fitness training in your routine. This will ensure you have a better overall result in your performance and also in your daily life. We have listed some different types of fitness training to help you have a wholesome fitness regime.


Strength can mean different for different people as one might seek to get strong enough for carrying groceries and some might want to be able to climb mountains. Whatever you want to achieve you have many options to choose from.


Weight-bearing exercise such as dancing, Aerobics, Hiking, Jogging, Stair climbing, Tennis, Jumping ropes etc.,

Calisthenics exercises are meant to improve posture, strength and body composition exercises such as Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Planks, Dips, Inverted rows, step-ups, Planches etc.,

Weight lifting a classic strength building exercise it is good to start from the lowest training and later grow. Start from squats, lunges, rows, shoulder presses, Biceps curls, Lat Pulldowns, deadlifts to split squats, kettle-bell swing, thrusters, sumo deadlifts etc.

Cardiovascular endurance

Cardiovascular exercises are those that raise your heart rate for some time and also works up the sweat. Some exercises that are cardiovascular in nature are Cycling, Swimming, Rowing, Elliptical machine, Stair climbing, Indoor Spinning, aerobics, Hiking, Jogging, Mountain biking, Kayaking, etc.

Cardiovascular endurance


Balance is very important as it avoids any chances of you falling and helps you stay active. It is a matter of developing a stabilising muscle to keep you supported and alsoto keep steady. Balance is the act of stabilising your body in the desired position for long periods of time. You can achieve this by standing on one leg and after you have mastered that, try the samewitheyes shut and later try picking something from the floor and then on an uneven surface andding the difficulty factor to the extent you desire.


Ability to move quickly and easily is agility; it enables a person to start, stop and change positions quickly and without any injuries. Agility training can also build endurance and strength. Exercise for agility includes Lateral jumps over exercise step, Box jumps, and lateral Box jumps, Ladder running, Tuck Jumps.


The ability to make your muscles stretch and being able to move the joints to its full range of motion. Flexibility helps in improvement in performance and also for avoiding injuries. It is crucial to stretch before and after your workout to warm up or cool down. Overhead Tricep stretch, runners lunge, standing quad stretch, doorway chest stretch are some exercises that improve flexibility